Thank you for your interest in starting a Cigar Night for Vets in a new location.


We're strategically focused on developing relationships in communities with populations large enough to support veteran outreach efforts, camaraderie, and transition assistance along with having the resources and leaders necessary to launch a new CN4V chapter. If you live in a city that meets that can support a Cigar Night for Vets, please send us an inquiry for support. It will be reviewed by a CN4V leader and you will receive a response within 14 days.

If the city you are interested in does not meet that criteria and/or at the discretion of the BoD, we apologize. We are adhering to a strategic plan focused on controlled growth, building strong veteran networks, community collaborations, and high quality events- please check back, as CN4V is growing rapidly as we bring veterans, families, and supporters together through service and lasting friendships.